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Business after Hours – Host Information

All host businesses of Business after Hours MUST BE current members of the Chamber of Commerce. If a sponsoring organization chooses to contact other businesses to co-host the event or to provide food or drink, they are asked to contact the Chamber first to be sure that a potential co-host is a current member. Sponsor provides location of function (usually held at sponsor’s own business location but may be held elsewhere). Sponsor pay for cost of mailing to Chamber membership- approximately 300 invites – mailed at bulk rate at a cost of approximately $ 100.00. Sponsor options on invitations:

Sponsor may print own invitations Sponsor may design an invitation and Xerox copy Sponsor may design an invitation and have Chamber Xerox Sponsor may ask Chamber to design and copy

Chamber of Commerce staff will be responsible for processing the mailing. Sponsor will be billed for cost of postage. Publicity about the event will be on the Radio and in the paper as a PSA. We will also e-mail the membership the week before and the day before the event. This will be of no cost to the sponsor. Sponsor is responsible for providing refreshments (past sponsors have done everything from chips, dips, and soft drinks to shrimp, hot hors d’oeuvers, and wine/beer). Sponsor is responsible for setting up registration table. Sponsor has the option of providing staff to man the registration table or asking the Chamber staff to provide the service. Chamber staff will be responsible for taking RSVP’s. Average attendance at a Business after Hours is 75. Sponsor has the option to provide door prizes – this is not mandatory however it has become fairly customary. Sponsor may distribute information about their company and will be asked to give a short “commercial” during the welcome. Brochures and information can be distributed at the registration table if so desired. For further information, contact the Chamber office at 336.2264.


Upon becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you will be eligible for a ribbon cutting ceremony.  This can be held at your business on the date and time you prefer and set with the Chamber. The Chamber will invite our Ambassadors, Board of Directors and membership to your event.  You may invite anyone you would like to attend as well.  We will take a photo that will appear in the Fort Stockton Pioneer and our website, letting the public know that your business is now open. Ribbon Cuttings are limited to once a year per business, but keep in mind they are a great way to let the public know about Grand Openings, Anniversaries, remodeling and other events you would like to spotlight. To set up a Ribbon Cutting, contact the Chamber.  We will be glad to answer any questions and work with you to make the event a success.

Website Services

WEB PAGE SERVICE Your Chamber understands the importance that internet plays in today’s business economy. Usually when developing a web site, you will be dealing with 3 different entities when setting up your web site: domain registrar, hosting company, and designer. We have established a user-friendly way to make the process of developing, registering, and launching your web site for all Chamber members. Your Chamber has made these services available to you at a reduced rate and with that one-on-one business setting really allowing you to have a bigger input in your web site. THE PROCESS OF BUILDING YOUR WEB SITE The following breakdown the basic needs of a basic web site: 1. Domain Name: Example – Your domain name must be unique. It is registered with companies such as or Network Solutions. There are different extensions available. Some of the most popular are: com or biz for commercial type sites such as most businesses (com is more popular), org for organizations, and net for networks. When you register a domain name, the server you are hosting the pages on is registered with it. This enables other computers on the internet to know where your web site is located. 2. Hosting: Your web site must reside on a web server. 3. Design: If you are not creating your own pages, you must employ a web site programmer/designer. 4. Search engines and advertising: Once your web site is available, it is not automatically found through search engines. This is a 4th process to getting your site up and running. Your web site address and information must be provided to each of the major search engines. The most effective way to get visitors to your web site is to include your web site address in all advertising, business cards, etc. Having your site return in online searches may take many months. NEED SOMETHING MORE THAN A BASIC ONE-PAGE SITE? Want to offer your complete menu, or sell your products through your web site? Your Chamber has worked with the webmaster to provide more services for all your business needs. E-commerce Shopping Basket A shopping basket is the usual way to allow people to browse through your site, choosing which products they wish to choose as they go along. At any time the customer can check the contents of their basket, edit the quantity required (where appropriate) or remove items if they change their mind. Once they are happy with their purchase they can then proceed to the checkout and use an order form to complete the order – using their credit card if appropriate to pay for the goods Custom Design Need to add additional pages? Or would like a custom designs? We will arrange for you to meet with the webmaster to set-up your customer deigns. Cost Savings Normally it will cost $ 40 – $ 100 per hour for all custom work with a flat charge for 5 hours with no prorating. For Chamber members, custom designs are $ 30 per hour with a basic site taking approximately 3 hours. They will also pro-rate to ¼ hours, not half, and there is no hourly minimum. If it takes one hour YOU are charged just one hour. SAVINGS TO CHAMBER MEMBERS All Fees are for one year. Chamber Members Pay: Basic Fee: Get a one-page web site $ 60 Get a one-page web site with 2 minor updates With 2 minor updates 1-year web site hosting $ 240 1-year web site hosting 1-year domain registration $ 15 1-year domain registration Total $ 315 Total Savings $ 240 Total Package $ 75 After visiting with a Chamber volunteer or staff member, we can go online to develop your website. Members of the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce may go to sign up for web page services provided by the Chamber. If you are interested in a more specialized website with shopping carts and/or a custom design, we will set up an appointment with the webmaster. For more information about rates, please contact the Chamber at (432) 336-2264. Important note: yearly renewals are required to maintain your hosting and domain name. Accounts not paid 1 month prior to their renewal date risk losing their domain name and access to the web site. *Certain restrictions apply: One page site will include basic layouts and color schemes, business name, address, hours, 2 pictures, and one paragraph of text describing your products or services. Minor updates include phone number changes, changes in business hours, or any other change that can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Youth Leadership Information

Youth Leadership class after their meeting
2013-2014 Youth Leadership class

The Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce sponsors Youth Leadership Fort Stockton. It is designed to expose future leaders of the community to Fort Stockton and the many opportunities available in Fort Stockton and Pecos County. The program promotes an awareness of Fort Stockton’s history, resources, and potential with a mind toward motivating and developing Fort Stockton’s future leaders. It is also designed to assist local youth with leadership potential to provide positive influence on their peers concerning the community and provide an opportunity to create positive interaction among youth of all area high schools. This is also designed to influence youth to stay in the Fort Stockton area, to return upon completion of their education, or to become active citizens in the community in which they settle. This is a community based educational program where, Fort Stockton high school students will be challenged to become the future leaders of our community. The focuses of the training session are Leadership Skills, Local Economy, Economic Development, Education, Community Service, Career, and Investments.

Youth Leadership Fort Stockton held its first training in 1998. The class was open to every senior that applied with no point system for participation. It was not until 2001, that the class program structure took a dramatic change. Under new leadership, the program was restructured to fit the same criteria as the adult leadership class. The point system was implemented along with a new application process. The number of student accepted into the program was not to exceed 12. In 2001, application process changed to include their past 3 years of high school involvement and community service. Grade point average is not a factor in being accepted into this program. A point system is used to award three college/trade school scholarships. Points are awarded on the following: day session, 20 hours of community service, Class Project, Mentoring (Developing Young Leaders), Resume. In order to graduate from Youth Leadership, a certain level of points must be obtained. Community Service and the Mentoring Program are weighted heavily in the points system. The following information is based on the two prior graduating classes in which scholarships were awarded: Graduated 21 students; 100% pursued higher education; 45 at risk 4th and 5th graders benefited from a mentoring program established by the youth leadership class.

Leadership Fort Stockton 

The purpose of the Leadership Fort Stockton program is to provide an intense broad base education concerningFortStocktonand it’s community issues, in order to broaden the current leadership knowledge ofFortStocktonand cultivate new leaders and volunteer manpower for the community awareness and growth.   This will be accomplished by selecting 10 sponsored applications per year to attend a nine month program in which each month will focus on a different sector of the community considered to have the greatest impact on community issues.  These sectors are defined as:   History, Arts and Culture Agriculture Education City/County Government Community Service Legal System Health Care Industry and Economic Development Tourism & Chamber   Each month a one-day training session will be held that is designed to intensely cover all aspects of that months issue.   The cost for the program is $250.00 which includes a weekend orientation and team building retreat, all program materials, and other relate cost such as speakers, facilities ect.  Each application must have a sponsor and employer support and approval. 2013-2014 Leadership   Any sessions missed may be made up through extra work, but absence is limited to no more than two sessions. Mission Statement: The Leadership Fort Stockton Class supports the continuance and development of LEADERSHIP FORT STOCKTON for the purpose of providing effective resources for organizations that serve, enhance and benefit the Fort Stockton area. – –


  Alumni Organization:  Work with the graduates from previous leadership classes in organizing an association for all alumni of past and future Leadership Fort Stockton classes.   Public Awareness:  Seek out opportunities within the community to gain greater understanding and awareness of Leadership Fort Stockton.  Such efforts would include, but not limited to, Civic club programs, participation in community activities, and inclusions in publications.   Define Customers:  In tandem with public awareness, maintain a listing of community organizations which can benefit from recruiting members for their respective group from the members of Leadership Fort Stockton Alumni.  To also, on a periodic basis, send a list of graduates to all community groups maintained in a data base for that purpose.   Recruitment:  In an effort to encourage broad base participation from the entire area in Leadership Fort Stockton, pursue open solicitation of class applicants.   Orientation:  Develop and encourage the implementation of a thorough orientation program which outlines the function of Leadership Fort Stockton and responsibilities of each class participant.



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