About The Chamber

The Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce supports and strives to enhance the economic prosperity of local business, with the aim of improving the quality of life for Fort Stockton residents, businesses and organizations.

What we do

We promote collaboration and assist local businesses by providing training on many business aspects, providing business services, and helping business connect with business inside and outside the area.


We “grow our own” with the Youth Leadership and Leadership Fort Stockton programs, which put local teens and local business people, respectively, through an intense deep dive into the history and infrastructure of Fort Stockton and the local area.


We arrange local events, including the July 4th extravaganza, the Glitz, and a the Chamber Banquet, to create networking opportunities for individuals and organizations, as well as taking time to celebrate our unique aspects as a city.

We also work with local historical organizations to preserve and defend the history of Fort Stockton.

…and much more

These are just a few of the many facets of the Chamber’s activities.

Business Development and Retention Division

President Elect and Division Vice President

Purpose:  To oversee and direct the business development and job creation activities of the Chamber, in accordance with the Economic Development Plan adopted by the Fort Stockton Economic Development Corporation.

New membership recruitment and retention

Chairperson, Executive Vice President  

Recruitment – Will work on a monthly recruitment plan for non-members of the Chamber.  They will also work on packets of information to give the non-members and also with a monthly visitation list to be given to the board and ambassadors.

Membership Services

Chairperson, Vice President

Benefits – This committee will work on offering business services to membership:  seminars, publicity, and others

Website/Master Community Calendar/Newspaper Page/Publicity


Will work on updating and promoting the website www.fortstockton.org.  They will also be researching ways in which the webpage can be structured to better benefit the local businesses.  The webpage will also host a master community calendar with hotlinks to special events information.

Hospitality Training

Chairperson, Arna McCorkle

Will work with local businesses to set up hospitality training sessions to help teach  hospitality to employees.  The board asked for her to target convenience stores this year.

Community and Special Events Division

Division Vice President

Purpose:  To ensure channeling the resources of the Chamber of Commerce toward continued efforts in enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Fort Stockton.

Holiday Glitz



This committee will promote shopping local by sponsoring a fashion show.  But will not be limited to just clothing will include food, hair & nail fashion, and accessories.

4th of July


This committee will focus on a 4th of July fireworks display and entertainment for the community. It was suggested by the board to try and incorporate a wine tasting into this year’s event.



This committee will focus on having special entertainment during the weeklong tournament.  We will coordinate a social, banquet, and work with Historic Fort Stockton on entertainment.

Live at Zero Stone Park


This committee will work with the sponsoring organization and get bands, publicity and location worked out for this summer event.  This is totally sponsored by another organization.


The committee will host an annual banquet for the membership.  The banquet will allow the chamber a chance to recognize their volunteers and membership.

Christmas Parade

Chairperson, Chamber Staff

Will organize with help of the Ambassadors.

Organizational Development Division

Arna McCorkle, Executive Vice President

Purpose:  To place a strong emphasis on service and communications to the entire membership and pursue efforts to increase the total members of the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce.

After Hour Social

Chamber Staff

Will sponsor 1 “After Hour” social events for the membership.  This will give the membership a chance to network with other members.

Business Spotlight

Chairperson:  Ambassadors

Will honor different businesses each month by presenting them with a certificate to display at their business.  The business will be listed in the Spotlight section of the Chamber website, and in each email newsletter during the month. Businesses selected for the Spotlight will be notified prior to the Spotlight month so they may elect to have sales, specials, and/or Business After Hours events during their month of Spotlight.

Christmas Open House/Art Show/Silent Auction

Chamber Staff

Will host an open house for all Chamber members and the community;  along with an art show and silent auction to benefit of the Santa Hawg Joy Run.

Youth Leadership Fort Stockton

Chairperson, Arna McCorkle


The committee will continue to sponsor a Leadership program for seniors at Fort Stockton High School.  They will continue to look at program enhancements for this program.  The division may seek input form leadership-training providers to help enhance the program.  Local leaders of Fort Stockton will be asked to help educate the future leaders.

Leadership Fort Stockton/Leadership Alumni


The committee will work with the Leadership Alumni to continue to promote improvements and attendance in “Leadership Fort Stockton” training.  This training is to be provided under the auspices of this division.


Boss Ambassador 

The division will be under the director of the boss ambassador.  They will work on utilizing the ambassadors for membership recruitment and retention, and public relations.  They will hold a planning session to set their goals for 2013.

Women’s Division


The division will support the Fort Stockton Women’s Division and will encourage its efforts to enhance Fort Stockton.